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Dude, you're confusing reality with porn again.
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I have no talent and love sci-fi more than #rl

my otps > your otps

u wot m8
well, getting into uni isn't as easy as they said it'd be, but at least i know that jesus is real
please be aware
Eren Jaeger is my baby and Eren/Mikasa/
Armin trio friendship is my raison d'être


Haytham: BANG! [spends the next year on reloading his gun]



half human. half typo.

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I am constantly torn between wanting to improve myself and wanting to destroy myself.

we won

Suit & Tie

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he inhaled his scent. he smelled of (ingredient 1), (ingredient 2) and something undefinable, that was uniquely (name of buttsex partner)
every single fanfiction uploaded in the last two years oh my god  (via brood-of-froods)


Doodle dump. <3
Here I explore the years 90-99 all at once and take it out on eruri. 
hot pink windbreaker uhg. Help. 

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imagine being raised by your otp tho

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  oh my god, can i hug you and hi5 , someone is finally bold enough to say these things, honestly am not, but you are taking to one of the biggest hypocrite on twitter, ot5 or nothing, i have never heard ot5 say we are T, they have made the T sign at times, i don't know how HoMin do it amidst these people always belittling them

I don’t think I follow her on twitter (or if I do, I don’t know it’s her). 

And yeah exactly. Like the whole T thing has been a thing pretty much since the T album and T tour, but it wasn’t anything like the chant/mantra it is now, and it certainly didn’t have the same meaning. So even if it did exist before, there’s really no denying that Yunho and Changmin redefined it and made it their own (along with how they made TVXQ in general their own). 

Haha, yeah, it’s funny because fans never want to face the fact that Yunho/Changmin get a fucktonne of crap thrown at them all the time. 

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please friendzone me. I want to be your friend so badly

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  I saw your comment on the "WE ARE T " THING AND THANK YOU BUT FINAL FUCKING LY SOMEONE SAID IT !!! Just because Homin did "WE ARE T" doesn't make it bad ! the fact that they're STILL doing it , makes it special . I hate when ot5 stans bash other stans etc who don't believe what they believe it's annoying

exactly. The whole “WE ARE T” thing is a good thing for Yunho and Changmin anyway, because it represents all that they’ve accomplished, and the fact that they worked really fucking hard to come back after the split and hold their heads high and do the TVXQ name justice. 

Besides, what was she even trying accomplish with that post? Is she trying to imply that Yunho and Changmin “stole” the phrase from DB5K? uh… DB5K is TVXQ… and Yunho/Changmin are TVXQ so… 


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friendly reminder: the “WE ARE T” thing is not a HoMin thing. DB5K used to do "WE ARE T" long time ago

friendly reminder that it is a homin thing because homin are TVXQ.

just like JYJ 

oh sorry, idk if anyone’s told you yet, but JYJ actually left TVXQ a while ago, dw it’s still a shock to most people

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Sebastian Stan’s facial expressions appreciation post as The Mad Hatter/Jefferson in Once Upon a Time S02E05



I made a comic from the mechanic/robot thing i drew a while back BUT THEN I REALIZED THAT I HAD TOO MANY THINGS I WANTED TO DRAW and i couldn’t fit it in 10 pictures and then i gave up and ended up with some small thing without any plot omfg i can’t do comics 

im sorry that it is an OBNOXIOUSLY LONG POST but it’s easier to read this way  i thin k /